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2016 KickOff in Bicolandia!

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Why 2016 KickOff you ask? Let me explain! :D This blog entry, I have written this after the trip and has been sitting in my document folder for quite a while now. I completely forgot about it and I'm sorry ok, I'm sorry... I have just really been busy trying to be a grown up doing grown up job. It sucks but it pay the bills. And my travels. LOL.

So here it is, my apologetic new blog! Enjoy!

January 6, 2016 ETD 12:55PM
Assembly at Technohub in Commonwealth Ave., Diliman QC before 10am, since two of the squad will be coming off from work at the said place after a graveyard shift and I who applied for a day early VL lives nearby. There are 4 of us. The other one will be coming from out of town in Batangas and will meet us at the airport.

10:00am - UP Ayalaland Technohub, we were all set, rode a taxi and head to the airport.
11:30am - NAIA Terminal 4, we arrived at the airport first then our other friend after a few minutes.
12:00nn onwards - We were lined up for baggage check (we did advance online check in) and weigh in. Weigh in was fun. LOL! The reason being is that we were riding a smaller propeller plane and we made fun of our weights.
12:30PM - We're at the boarding gates waiting for our plane. At first they said our flight was on hold because of the weather condition. Bad news, but...
12:55PM - We were lined up for boarding. It was a nice, pleasant and relaxing flight.
2:00PM - Touched Down at Naga Airport in Pili, Camarines Sur (if that made any sense Naga and Pili are two separate towns in CamSur). Anyways, we head out and ask for direction going to Buhi in Camarines Sur where our AirBnB reservation was. We were told to ride a non-AC bus that goes directly to Buhi or a Trike to Naga City then from Naga City there's a van terminal to Buhi. We chose the latter since buses takes forever to pass by.
3:00PM - Trike ride going to Naga City from Pili was tough. It was so hot and humid but we managed to get there at a perfect time. Ate our super late lunch at Graceland in SM Naga and did everything we need to do before setting off to the Van Terminal.
3:50PM - After walking quite a few meters from the mall. We reached the van terminal. Waited a while for it to be filled with enough passengers.
4:45PM - On our way to Buhi, Camarines Sur.
6:30PM - We reached what the locals call Centro in Buhi then rode another tricycle going to Lake Buhi Resort for about 30 minutes of ruggedy-riggidy road. We also got the number of the trike driver who's very polite (Nel 09098892769) to make sure we have our transportation ready upon check out.
7:00PM - AirBnB, Lake Buhi Resort! We were greeted by the staffs of the resort. Michael showed us our room for 2 nights. The room was cozy and I have to commend the interior because it made me feel kind of thrown back to a certain old era. It was good and we finally get to relax while I had a cup of coffee and the boys had their candle light dinner, LOL!
10:00PM - Lights off after a small chitchat, photo ops, star gazing and preparation for the big day the next morning.

First Day Expenses

AirBnB 1350 for 2 Nights/Pax
Plane Ticket 1500 Single Fare

Apartment to Technohub (Php20) 20
Technohub to NAIA 4 (Php360/3) 120
Naga Airport to SM City Naga (Php260/4 ) 65
SM City Naga to Buhi Centro (Php340/4) 85
Centro to Lake Buhi Resort (Php200/4) 50

Late Lunch at Graceland SM City Naga (Php140) 140
Raspberry Jello at Biggs Diner 49
Complimentary coffee at the resort

January 7, 2016 Lake Buhi Resort, Buhi, Camarines Sur.

3:45AM - I woke up too early. Everyone was still sound asleep. I don't know but I can't fall back to sleep so I decided to read a book, had coffee, took quite a few selfies and wait for the sunrise. Few hours later a magnificent sunrise just in front of the swimming pool outside our villa unravel before our eyes. We were all ecstatic.


We had our breakfast at the floating cabin made out of wood and bamboo. Few meters away from the villa, overlooking Buhi Lake in front and Mount Isarog at the back. We had a plain simple breakfast with coffee and plain fried banana which was our favorite. It was one of my life's best morning. The best things are always the simplest things indeed.


We started the day with a good meal and then we head off to trek the muddy trail going to Itbog Twin Falls. Took a boat ride from Buhi Resort crossing Buhi lake going to the start off point in Mount Asog. It was not an easy trek but not that hard as well, around 30 minutes and we already reached the twin falls. What's challenging was the muddy trail but wth piece of cake, it was fun! My first impression was "wow this is a lot of water!" drizzles all the way, the falls was roaring down like a thunderstorm. The water was just crystal clear and although it was quite cold we, I mean they decided to take a dip and enjoy the water for a while.


After the trek we went back and the boat brought us to the market. Time for some pasalubongs and souvenirs!

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